If you are looking for an unusual hotel or a unique place in Paris the Fun Hotel is just what you need!

>> "It’s incredible here !"
Our hotel ”will catch your eye” by its difference, surprise you by its extravagant decoration and remind you of your childhood. This ”canvas of souvenirs” was designed and created just like a cinema set.

Do you know many hotels in the world where you can sleep in an authentic classic car converted into a bed, or where there is a room full of red polka dots? Where there are suites with a private disco, sweets on the ceiling and nutella pots transformed into lamps? Where the toilet is in a telephone cabin?

>> "Fasten your seatbelts"

No, the Fun Hotel is not in Hollywood or Las Vegas but in Paris!!

You will experience unique & out of this world moments in our Family Suites, far from the monotony of most hotels.

Our clients are looking above all for a unique & unusual experience, to be shared together as a happy family. So here they cannot wish for anything more.