Family suite with 3 rooms
(65 sq m2 Floorplan):
- living room,
- bedroom,
- Mini Club,
- kitchen.
Sleeps 7 people: 3 double beds and 1 single bed.

  • This will come as no suprise but the living room is decorated like a big top in a circus: red striped curtains with stars, crystal chandeliers and an enoooooormous tiger hanging up on the wall. The centre piece of this room is an authentic 3-wheeled Vespa from the 70’s which has been transformed in to a dining table.
  • The kitchen is definitely for “sweet tooths”: the ceiling is covered with popular French and German sweets. The lights were made out of Nutella & jam jars. The popcorn machine is waiting impatiently to treat young & old to delicious popcorn.
  • The mini-club is the central meeting place for the family: shape deforming mirrors for a funny face competition, a corner for reading and checking one’s mail or thinking about how to change the world. Play station, home cinema & disco lights.
  • The bathroom pays homage to Street Art (giant mosaic “Space Invaders” and “Pacman”). A huge zebra is hanging over the toilet, clowns & horses are to be seen in the parents room where we can also find unusual lamps, truck lights, a sun lamp & even an old heater from grand-ma! Magical isn’t it?